J.HAR 2008 The Audacity of Dope Runway Shots

Taylor in the J.HAR Brown Bomber

Tony G. in the J.HAR Boxers in white with a vintage scarf.

Felix in the J.HAR Leather Assault Bandana shown here in black

Here, Michael gives profile in the J.HAR Urbane Hooded Blazer

Cedric wears the J.HAR Gentlemn's Jacket in vintage grey with J.HAR Handkerchief

Tony S. in the J.HAR Short-sleeved Born Warrior Blazer in grey

Marquez in the J.HAR Power Blazer in grey with the J.HAR Oversized Leopard scarf.

Jessica wears the J.HAR Cardinal Rule Blazer (left)
and the J.HAR Women's Dress Shirt in blue (right)

Jyllyan wears the J.HAR Men's Button-Down with Oversized Leopard Scarf

Michael's in the J.HAR Double-Breasted Gentlemen's Jacket (left)
Felix's in the J.HAR Emperor's Tuxedo (center)
Tony G.'s in the J.HAR Black Leather Shawlneck Blazer (right)

Cedric in the J.HAR Cognac Leather Shawlneck Blazer with J.HAR Handkerchief.

Tony S. is in the J.HAR Power Suit in navy (left)
Marquez wears the J.HAR Bravado Blazer in navy (center)
Taylor's in the J.HAR Gentlemen's Tuxedo in navy (right)

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