As I Just Mentioned Two Days Ago, The Holidays Are a Very Tough Time for Many Young People. Not Only Must We Pray For Our Loved Ones, We Must Pray For Those Who Do Not Feel Loved or May Be On the Brink of Harming Themselves & Others. Even Those Who Are Sick or Broken in Heart Are Our Brethren. Don't Just Post, But Really Pray.


The Brew

Lately, I've been working overtime. Not sure where most of my people are. They are as scattered as the winds and still scattering about, making lives and names for themselves. Some of them are having beautiful children. Blessings are begetting blessings at a beautiful rate.

It seems impossible to get them all in one place. So, my heart trudges on. Hopefully, they can feel it beat.

I am grateful for the examples of greatness that I have to keep me in line. None of them work in my field, but I'm able to extrapolate their ethic and blueprints into my life and utilize them. I hope to sharpen my teeth even more in the coming months. There's been a swathe of clouds gathering since my birthday. But no sign of rain to ceasefire.

Burned Bridges and Hair,

Jackson Harlem

Throwing Stones at Friends.

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If you know anyone who you percieve to be an artist...who you percieve to be "great"...

you should research how "great artists" typically are, by nature. That will explain a lot and will quiet your woes.


J. Harlem


The Un-Holiday Spirit.

Lately, my days have been filled with back-to-back meetings and traveling in cold weather. I'm not complaining. Things are picking up and it's only December. Oddly enough, I'm not in a "holiday" spirit, but I am very optimistic about my future and the future of my colleagues.

I find it interesting how people ask yet do not give.

That's not the holiday spirit.

So aside from recession-discounted electronics & perfumery, what will you give your loved ones & business contacts? Will you devote an open ear and non-judgemental shoulder for those less fortunate?

Or will you spend the holidays tweeting self-absorbed updates that inspire no one?

Whatever you do remember that you never know who all is watching and who is just a phonecall away from the contact you need.

Brilliantly Yours,

J. Harlem


The Meeting.

Today is one of those "FIRST Day of the rest of my life" days.

Today I'll be attending a "very important meeting" with some "very important people". I'm not really willing to compromise or "sell out". But you know this already.

Sadly, I'm not allowed to take photos, but I understand. At any rate, I'll be tweeting & posting notes via my Facebook status. I want to kind've share this story with you as it unfolds. They've approved us to tweet & such during the meeting, at certain times.

If you've read a few of my past Facebook notes, I've referenced some of these persons before. They vary from music exectives to Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B artists.

My work hasn't been in vain. I've only made it this far because of God & the support from people like you. God will be leading me through these next few steps, as He's always been.

I brought a special photo that I may post on FB later. It's a photo of when my career began. In the meantime, stick with me & follow the story as it unfolds via my Twitter & FB pages.

Your Brother,

Jackson Harlem


[Not So] Wise Guy.

You're on Twitter, right? I'm not sure how many people you follow, but have you noticed how smart-mouthed and overconfident people are getting there?

It's like an epidemic. I'm all for being informed on the daily about some of my closest contacts, but random, shallow tweets and insults hurled at perfect strangers??

That's just sub-human primitivism.

People need to wise up and have more dignity.
It's easy to be childish & arrogant; it takes character to be adults.

Having tons of followers is good, but having their respect and support is a different thing.

J. Harlem