Ralph Lauren

As a journalist and designer, I love talented people in the industry who serve as innovative pioneers for us younger industrialists.

Here, Charlie Rose [he's the man] interviews Ralph Lauren [the mogul].

This is a lesson in history. I'm always talking about style over fashion.

J. Harlem


kevinmakesadifference18 said...

Thanks for this. I love RL. He's the truth. You're gonna be like him if not better, J.HAR.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this post. I knew that Ralph Lauren and I had minor similarities, due to the face that we both grew up in the Bronx & attended Dewitt Clinton HS. But I would've never thought they extended beyond those points, during the duration of this video Lauren expressed, often times verbatim, my thoughts & feelings on my own vision. This definitely reassured me that I would go on to do great things...