J.HAR's Model Review: Charde Moore

Chardae Moore: Easy, Breezy, & Beautiful
by Jackson Harlem

Top Model hopeful Charde Moore is perfect. Standing at 5’9 with a cover girl face, Aquafresh smile and androgynous flair, Moore stands out in any crowd. At a glance, you immediately notice her radiant face and beaming, beautiful persona. But there’s a wonderful young lady evolving behind the glamour.

I give you Charde Moore. Moore’s camera-ready figure and brilliant mind are only complimented by her driven spirit and knowledge of the industry. Adjust your frames and let me introduce you to a face you’ll soon become much more familiar with.

Real name: Charde Moore
Age: 23
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Years in the Modeling Industry: 8

1. When and how did you enter into the modeling industry?

I was kind of lost when I got started modeling. I went to conventions and paid for a few classes when I was 14 or 15. I didn't know anyone that knew the most direct ways to begin working. I spent lots of time and money to learn the business. I started doing local runway shows for free to gain experience. I studied on and practiced on my own. I was also fortunate enough to find a few models who had more experience than me to give me advice here and there. It has always been an upward struggle and I'm still trying to progress!

2. Who are some of the industry professionals/ companies you’ve worked with in the past?

Some of the companies that I have worked with before are Saab, Maserati, National City Bank, Hour Magazine, Michigan Front Page, Art Van, Avalon Films, Luigi Bruni, Courvoisier, Hennessy, Bacardi...the list goes on.

3. I love your look. You have great versatility and range. What motivates/ inspires you in your work?

Thank you. I’m trying to mold a certain image so draw from a few places of inspiration. I want my image to be "me". I feel like I have a very old soul, but definitely not a boring one. I think my sex appeal is a little obscure, because I'm not trying to come off as sexy. So, you will see me pull back from that a little. That has been my work so far. Now, I want to build upon that with a little more edge. I'm currently looking at the some of Omahyra's work for that. I want to push a little more in her androgynous direction. So you will see more of that in the future.

4. Name 3 things in your daily life you cannot live without.

I can't live without cooking. I have the biggest obsession with food, believe it or not! Secondly, there has to be something Victoria's Secret in my life daily. Lastly, my phone & Facebook are my BFF’s lol. Facebook mobile was both the best and the worst of invention for me.

5. Describe your personal style.

I am pretty conservative in style. You won't see me playing too many assets at the same time. I like classic looks. I like to feel like a lady, so I dress accordingly. Right now, I'm in transition from girl to woman in style, so it’s kind of cool that I get to start all over with wardrobe.

6. Who would you say are the greatest style icons of all time?

In my eyes, the greatest style icon of all time is Jackie O. There is just no contest for her.

7. With today’s dwindling societal morale, what advice can you offer to young men and women who are out here “grinding” to make a name for themselves?

The simplest answer is to keep God first in everything you do. Of course this is easier said than done. It's so easy to see that instant gratification is the real problem with the younger generations. We have to find the will to work honestly for the things we want, and this way, the rewards are more substantial. Low morals provide short term happiness and big chunks of emptiness. That is why some people remain unhappy even when they have some of the things they wanted.

8. Any advice for upcoming and aspiring models and entrepreneurs?

My greatest advice would be to have a point of view, study your craft, and always try to grow. There is a ton of raw talent out here. If raw talent can find a way to polish itself while remaining unique in some aspect, then you have something that is a step above the crowd. A lot of people fall off from past success because they get comfortable and stop grinding like they were in the beginning. Life is about constant growth.

9. How can people view more of your work and contact you for bookings?

I usually do not book directly. Clients may currently contact Renee Godin at www.reneegodin.com or the Talent Shop at www.thetalentshop.com for booking information. Some of my work can be seen at http://www.modelmayhem.com/pics.php?id=9286

10. What can we expect from Charde Moore in the near future?

You can expect that I will be doing a lot more traveling soon. My work will be more high fashion, editorial, and androgynous. I am looking to shoot outside of Michigan to get a different perspective in my portfolio. I will also begin more focus on beauty.

Vote Chardae Moore for at http://topmodel.cw50detroit.com.

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