J.HAR Artist Review: J-Lie

The Interview

Artist: J-lie
Age: 22
Hometown: Southern California
Years in the Game: I’m not in the game until I’m internationally known…

J.HAR: When and how did you get started in the music industry?

J-Lie: I was in college playing soccer and trying to focus on music. Classwork, music, and being a full time athlete was hard, so with certain events in my life I had to figure out which one I wanted to focus on and I chose music. So I’ve been taking the music industry way more serious for about 4 years. But like I said I’m no where near as big and successful as I’m going to be so I don’t think I’ve started. I just have a huge buzz and record labels trying to talk to me.

J.HAR: Who are some artists and industry professionals you’ve worked with in the past?

J-Lie: I usually keep it in the MNDFRM camp. My producer Nonstop is signed to Konvict (Akon’s Label) Outside my camp I’ve worked with a lot of well known producers but as far as artists, just Chingy.

J.HAR: Tell us about your album, *MNDFRM*. What was the inspiration for this album? What were your goals in creating the different tracks?

J-Lie: MNDFRM is Mindframe (with no vowels) – that’s not the name of my album, that’s the name of my camp- the name of my last EP was “Rewind Forward”. The inspiration behind that name was the fact of people saying Hip Hop is dead or Hip Hop is this or that, just like everything else in the world in EVERY industry things change. People want it to “go back to how it was” but it never will, because “how it was” wasn’t how society was or the world was so we need to take what we know from the past and move forward with it. Thus creating Rewind Forward….rewind it forward. As far as the tracks I am very versatile, I want anyone in the world to pick up my CD and at least like one song, at least be able to relate to one song, at least feel good about one song. I remember growing up listening to music and it making me feel good. I want to bring back that feel good music.

J.HAR: Musically, who would you say are the greatest artists of all time (past, present, & future) in terms of content, flow, & musicality?

J-Lie: Hands down, Tupac. In every aspect and angle, he is and always will be the greatest. As far as present and alive, Eminem is the best rapper alive.

J.HAR: What’s your take on the current state of Hip-Hip in America?

J-Lie: It has turned into a business more than for music. Which I’m fine with. I know how to approach the game like that, I’m a business man before an artist. You need to be if you’re going to stay in the game.

J.HAR: What can we expect from J-Lie in the near future?

J-Lie: When you hear of J-Lie you will hear of MNDFRM. We have launched a self-titled clothing line, got Lil Wayne wearing it, Lupe Fiasco, Mac Mayne, Sean Garrett, D Woods of Danity Kane, Sean Paul of the Young Bloodz, Skater Stevie Williams of DGK, DJ Cannon, Greg Street, Soulja Boy, etc. We are looking into launching a Flagship store in ATL along with a Tattoo Shop.

I am heavy in the tattoo lifestyle. The art, not the tattoos you bargain for the best price and come out looking like 90% of the hip hop artists. But I got some things cooking, a mixtape will be out soon “No One Left To Lie To” it will be on my MySpace or my website.
J.HAR: What words of wisdom can you offer to upcoming and aspiring artists and musicians who haven’t yet experienced the rigors of the music industry?

J-Lie: Go hard or go home.

Well there you have it. For more J-Lie, visit his MySpace here.

Visit his website here.

J. Harlem


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Great interview, J!! He looks delicious!!


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yeeah jack, u do kno errbody. lol.
good write, though, son.

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Not really feeling the name. Seems like a little familiar with J-Holiday. Not hating, just giving my opinion, but I wish J Lie good luck.

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This was a great review. I see you write these quite often. Please keep it coming. So many bloggers just copy and paste stuff and give their arrogant opinions. This is great though. Thanks for this.