What Do I Think of Success.

I'm 23 at with all of my colleagues on their hustle, my parents making career suggestions, and opportunity toasting martinis at dinner, it can be difficult to have a clear idea of what I personally consider "success".

Growing up in MS, most of society depicts a successful life resembling this:

Graduate from highschool-attend college-get a job-get married-have children-retire-live out your golden years traveling. [straight face]

I knew at 11 that, that wasn't for me. Sure those elements are integral to living a great life, but I have to paint a different picture for my life. I've been meeting with different entertainers and behind-the-scenes execs in the entertainment industry, working to define my own idea of success.

Hanging out amongst the dreamers only makes you sleepy. You have to wake up and work.

That's all.

J. Harlem

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