Dear Readers...

In light of all the messages I've recieved about the Beyonce and Lady Gaga Videophone collaboration, here are a few tidbits:

The staff was calling Gaga "Geeyonce" on the Videophone set. She was all gloved-up & doing the choreography like Bey. She has skills of her own, of course.

And for future reference, Beyonce is featured on Gaga's new album Fame Monster. You're gonna love the new collaboration they did on the track Telephone. I don't think what I heard was the final version, but it's nice nonetheless.

If you recall, before I Am...Sasha Fierce, Beyonce's music was more geared towards the Pop genre, which is wear the collaboration with Lady Gaga seems to meld organically. It's not a stretch for either of them because they can both be quite zealous, they both have great vocals and dance moves.

I think it's more of a match than Beyonce and Shakira. At any rate, continue to look out for the debut of the Videophone video and the Fame Monster album. I can't wait to see the album art campaign.

Goodnight for Now,

J. Harlem

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