J.HAR Album Review: Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild: OnMyRadio

by Jackson Harlem

No matter how talented they are, it’s always amazing when artists upgrade themselves. My guy Musiq Soulchild is back with a new sound and a new album, entitled “OnMyRadio”.

Now of course I love club bangers and things that make my speakers blast, but quite often, I like quality groove music. You know the Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Jill Scott-type of groove. And that same groove is what Musiq Soulchild brings…with a slightly harder Hip-hop approach.

Soulchild’s new album is chocked full of high-energy groove hits and his signature style of sultry ballads. This album is guaranteed to last you clear through the winter, spring, and into the summer where you drop the top and let the wind blow through your lady’s hair.

Take the ultra-soulful “If U Leave”. It’s the epitome of neo-soul. This joint reminisces the spirit of old soul music and Mary J. Blige’s collaboration puts the classic soul stamp on it. We haven’t heard a good male-female singing duet in a long while, but this song will restore your faith in love songs.

Now the lightheartedly-somber “Dear John” is the ultimate love letter. The melody parallels Palestrina’s choral version of “Ave Maria” with an added sentiment of longing brought on my Soulchild’s lyrics. The bittersweet texture and colorful arranging restrains the tune from being melancholy.

THE banger of the album has to be “Radio”. It’s the black sheep of the album. It’s the male counterpart to Beyoncé’s “VideoPhone”. The guys chanting in the background along with the simplified, synthesized strings and the high hat make the track funky and club-worthy.

Money Right” sounds a lot like a new age mix between neo-gospel and Gnarl’s Barkley’sMovin’ On”. Its upbeat tempo is freshly accompanied by light piano ornamentation and delicate strings. The lyrics of this song are optimistically jubilant, making this joint on the verge of being an alternative dance track.

My favorite has to be “Deserve You More”. I swear Soulchild is from some lost 1960’s men’s group. His album really channels the essence of soul and romanticism without the use of sampling and imitation.

Check out the rest of Musiq Soulchild’s new album “OnMyRadio” when it hits stores on DEC. 9th.

J. Harlem


PrettySuave said...

Yo Harlem! I love this. Shoot that advanced copy this way so your people can check it out! I know it gon be crazy son.

viciuzurban said...

pretty phenomenal. this dude has his niche on locked and the new album definitely showcases his strengths as a balladeer and ability to flirt with various genres not to mention hip hop. i think you misinterpret what "dear johns" are - they are usually break-up letters written by spouses to their other half. the concept is usually from the female perspective so its refreshing to hear Musiq's flip on the whole thing. usually its done to soften the blow, some may call it cowardly, others not so. this is definitely a highlight of the cd. i also love "someone" and "sobeautiful", definitely future classics.

PrettyInPinK said...

I love music. His album is great. I like his last one better, but I hadn't even seen his videos. So thanks.

iamcoltrane said...

Your review of this album is point. I've listened to a few tracks over and over and the more I listen to it, the more I see what you mean. I might recommend this to a few folks.