J.HAR Album Review: Soulja Boy Tellem

I'm Bout the Stax
by Jackson Harlem

Shouts out to the Soulja Boy camp for the advance of Soulja Boy’s new album dropping on DEC. 16th!!

The release date is only a few days away, so I have to deliver the goods fast.

Soulja Boy is guaranteed to be bangin’ in the trunks and clubs even harder than ever before. Everyone knows the name, the infamous songs, and the addictive dances. But he’s upgraded and is about to do it all again.

The Review

This album features incredible tracks like “I’m Bout the Stax”, where listeners can ride this audial merry-go-round and chant your way into crunk zone. I can see the Greeks struttin’ to this one all night. The lyrics are as gutta as you want them to be as he delivers them with bravado and soaring confidence. Enjoy the ride.

I’m sure you all’ve gotten into the “Bird Walk” video. No matter what side of the fence you’re from, you can get into the high hats and amalgamated keyboarding. This joint has the perfect moderate up-tempo for the car or the club.

Gucci Bandana”. No comment.

Eazy” has a refreshing saxophonic groove. “Shopping Spree”, “Turn My Swag On” and “Rubber Bands” (the hook is crazy) are all exhilarating hood-anthems, but it’s “Kiss Me Through the Phone” that steals the show. This joint features the lyrical charms of R&B singer Sammie. Soulja Boy takes on a more mature rap-style that appropriates to the whimsical nature of the melody and hook. “Yamaha Mama” (feat. Sean Kingston) runs along the same supersonic urban-love song groove. DO Get into the synthesized, Lil’ Wayne throwback sample!

You gotta love “Booty Got Swag”. It’s a humorous song about…just what it sounds like. I don’t think we’ve heard such a raunchy up-tempo song since…Trina…or Uncle Luke from back in the day. Remember Uncle Luke? Go ahead…pretend to be snooty, you will be caught at your local club twirking to this number. Ha.

Hey You There” is like…the best joke ever. It’s like a hybrid between the “Whisper Song” and some lost Hip-Hop track from 1988. Soulja Boy’s naughty superhero vocals are hilarious. This track is sure to cause a stir on the radio and all throughout college dorms across the country. No one has dared to challenge the game with these types of humorously wicked vocal sound effects.
With My Yums On”…“Marco Polo”… [frowns]…What the f--- am I supposed to say.

Soulja Boy Tellem” is a piano after school jam joint.

Go Head” feels like the evil cousin of Beyoncé’sVideo Phone”. Please know that the grunge synthesizing is ultra-early 90’s. It’s addictive stuttering and vocal modulation is ill. Open your mind. You’ve also gotta love his creative lyrics and rhyme scheme. “Whoop Rico”…the ultimate mock-fight club song.

While everyone is sampling and categorizing what Hip-hop is, Soulja Boy is breaking barriers and taking names.

SouljaBoy's new Album Drops DEC. 16.

J. Harlem


Anonymous said...

I'm tripping becasue no matter how hard ppl hate on this young man, his stuff gets played on radio AND airwaves like a young virgin after the prom. I'm anticipating this. No matter how repulsive his lyrics may be, you can't help but to bounce to it. LOL!
(PS it's me, Dana!!!) LOL!

PrettyinPinK said...

jackson harlem you're a beast and i love you. can't wait to get this album!!

kevothegreat said...

damn j. u just got day album!! i'ma get album before they debut one day, son!

the review was sick!

cedrictherocboy said...

I didnt know u wrote these kinda reviews, too Jackson. You're the truth and I'm definitely gonna check out this album. The site is nice.

Marshall said...

nicely done. the skeptic will likely be convinced. this is an album i prolly would have never gotten otherwise. kudos.

J.Cotti. said...

Oh WoW...I thought my eyes deceived me....however, Great Review. You sold that album!...even though I think he sets "our" people back I want to have a listen-- kudos to you, sir!