J.HAR Model Review: UNREAL

New York Stand Up
by Jackson Harlem

Gentlemen, if you’re thinking about modeling, I have one reason why you should upgrade your weight game: UNREAL. My guy UNREAL is bringing his impeccable physique and a killer face to the modeling game. But, with a humble spirit and incredible focus, Johnson’s soon to be all over magazine stands across America.

Johnson’s a no-nonsense kinda guy and he’s a beast on a photo shoot location. He knows the business and is poised to prove himself worthy of being a household name.

I’m definitely tellin’ Diddy & Russell about this guy. Sean John, Phat Farm here he comes.

The Interview

J.HAR: When and how did you get started in the modeling industry?

UNREAL: I Started exactly a year ago from this month (NOV). I did a couple of test shoots and started to Market my image publicly.

JH: Name some of the industry professionals/ companies you’ve worked with in the past.

U: I have so far not been able to work with any companies or agencies. I have been honored to work with such photographers as Kemuel Valdes, Taj Washington & just recently Steven Blanks. Most of this year I have been doing fitness shows. I did 4 fitness shows this year and hope to do one in May in Houston. My focus on the fitness industry has definitely been a passion while also wanting to make strides in fashion, print and commercial.

JH: Your work is unlike any I’ve ever seen; what motivates/ inspires you in your work?

U: What motivates me is seeing the strides that African American male models such as Tyson and Boris contributed to the industry.

JH: Aside from modeling, what career/ business ventures are you pursuing?

U: I am currently in the NAVY and going to school to be a Dietician.

JH: Describe your personal style.

U: I am not too flashy. Sometimes you will catch me with a V-Neck and jeans. Rarely will you see me in a business suit. I’m very casual.

JH: Who would you say are the greatest style icons of all time?

U: Kanye West, Puffy, Jay-Z, and Camron (He had all of NY wearing pink).

JH: LOL. I do remember the pink. It seems that the general morale in society is dwindling. What advice can you offer to young men and women who are out there “grinding” to make a name for themselves?

U: Stay with it. Don’t let the economy situation, which we are in, deter you from being the best that you can be in whatever is that you want to be. Also be optimistic for the future.

JH: Any advice for upcoming and aspiring models and entrepreneurs?

U:Stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. Make sure you map out a plan and have fun while you are at it. Life is too short.

JH: What can we expect from Unreal in the near future?

U: In the upcoming year you can expect to see some editorial work with famous stylist Untitled NY. There will be workout tips presented by on my myspace. You will also see me in 3 published Fitness Magazines next year.

Get ready to see a lot more of my guy Unreal in 2009. We'll keep you posted.

View Unreal’s MySpace here.

View Unreal’s ModelMayhem Portfolio @


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