Black is Beautiful.

I ran across a photo of former model and fellow author Bill Overton and I with some of my classmates & my Tougaloo College President, Beverly Wade Hogan.

It reminded me of the models of yesteryear who gave way to rising models in the industry like
Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Dominique Hollingsworth and Wendell Lissimore. Even Tyra & Naomi are phenomenal. But what the industry won't always be quick to tell you is that back in the day, African American women were doing their thing and the public loved it.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane. It's a Tribute to the Great African American Models of the 50's 60's and 70s. Of course I had to throw in a throwback pic of Bill Overton.

Bill modeled long before he became an author & mentor of mine.


RJ said...

The women on the Mademoiselle cover has a scary resemblance to Rihanna

Anonymous said...

Who is the women from the Mademoiselle cover?

HaveYouMetMissJones? said...

The lady on the Madamoiselle cover is Quincy Jones' daughter Jolie.