The Meeting.

Today is one of those "FIRST Day of the rest of my life" days.

Today I'll be attending a "very important meeting" with some "very important people". I'm not really willing to compromise or "sell out". But you know this already.

Sadly, I'm not allowed to take photos, but I understand. At any rate, I'll be tweeting & posting notes via my Facebook status. I want to kind've share this story with you as it unfolds. They've approved us to tweet & such during the meeting, at certain times.

If you've read a few of my past Facebook notes, I've referenced some of these persons before. They vary from music exectives to Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B artists.

My work hasn't been in vain. I've only made it this far because of God & the support from people like you. God will be leading me through these next few steps, as He's always been.

I brought a special photo that I may post on FB later. It's a photo of when my career began. In the meantime, stick with me & follow the story as it unfolds via my Twitter & FB pages.

Your Brother,

Jackson Harlem


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