The Un-Holiday Spirit.

Lately, my days have been filled with back-to-back meetings and traveling in cold weather. I'm not complaining. Things are picking up and it's only December. Oddly enough, I'm not in a "holiday" spirit, but I am very optimistic about my future and the future of my colleagues.

I find it interesting how people ask yet do not give.

That's not the holiday spirit.

So aside from recession-discounted electronics & perfumery, what will you give your loved ones & business contacts? Will you devote an open ear and non-judgemental shoulder for those less fortunate?

Or will you spend the holidays tweeting self-absorbed updates that inspire no one?

Whatever you do remember that you never know who all is watching and who is just a phonecall away from the contact you need.

Brilliantly Yours,

J. Harlem

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